Ever wanted to be a Blackbelt? 

An exciting new course available now.

When asked what FASTER would do if they were asked to build a course for Personal Trainers to teach them how to train wannabe UFC style fighters all the way up to pro fighters, we said first of all we would only train blackbelts!  So this course is split in to two parts, Part one is live meetings, set-up meetings, training meetings and assessments, supported by over 100 online videos, where at the end of the
course you will be a recognised Black Belt, you will be able to compete in kick boxing. Be prepared for hard work though, this wont come easily.


After this you will then get the opportunity to learn one to one in a day, from our Master Trainer and courses author Marc Edwards, the remaining skills around coaching and conditioning a fighter in a mix of Martial Arts.



More about Marc

He is a 4th Dan Blackbelt Kickboxer with WAKO GB (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations) and now their Chief Coaching Officer for the UK. 

Being involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years and studying the Diploma in Functional Performance with FASTER gave Marc a great platform for collaborating on a course such as this with us, FASTER.  


The Zero to Blackbelt course is split into 3 Modules: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each module contains 3 different belts (ie, Beginner is White/Yellow/Orange belts) You would work your way through the online tasks and up the grading system of 9 belts and finally you reach your Black. 

For further details, please call FASTER or email:

08455 19 16 15

e: Marc     

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